Multipurpose Internet Connectivity Kiosks for Your Community

TCC TELEPLEX helps your community become more connected to the rest of the world by giving access to quality and free Wi-Fi internet and calls. With our revolutionary Informational Access Portals that come in the form of kiosks, we aim to give the public internet connectivity 24/7.

The company is designing its customized internet network solutions throughout the New York City metro and tri-state areas. We are expanding nationwide and in 180 global markets.


Internet Access Portals

TCC TELEPLEX provides state-of-the-art high-speed digital fiber “MESHED” network. This comes in the form of internet access portals, physically manifesting as public internet smart kiosks.

Our network offers a powerful array of visionary new services. The multimedia “Smart Kiosk-of-Everything” features free high-speed Wi-Fi and internet services, including apps and multi-media. Showing advertisements and making public service announcements are also possible through the kiosk.

Additionally, the kiosks have high-resolution 360 webcams, which are accessible around the clock. This gives network subscribers real-time information, allowing them to evaluate travel conditions everywhere where public transportation is available. These include places like subways, commuter rails, airports, and bus and ferry terminals.

The Smart Kiosk has several built-in features including:

  • Large Front-Facing Interactive Touch Screen
  • Keypad With Braille for Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
  • Credit and Debit Card Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal for Purchases
  • Audio Headphone Jack
  • USB Charging Ports
  • 911 Button for Emergencies
  • 311 Button for Local Services
  • Optional Ticket Dispenser
  • 55-Inch Digital Display Panel

The digital fiber “MESHED” network is designed to showcase the best of any city’s cultural institutions, arts, and public events announcements. This real-time, 24/7 connectivity is possible with the use of two-way telemetry technology.

Bring Us to Your City

TCC TELEPLEX proudly serves the public and all levels of local government with the most advanced and innovative internet technology solutions for today and into the future. Contact us!