Mr. Novick is the president of TCC TELEPLEX, a company that operates about 3,000 phones around the city.  And in a bold, 21st-century move, he has affixed over 27 of those phones with internet portals.

"An Internet Phone goes Where Pay Phones Take the Real Hits", by Robert E. Worth  FEB 10, 2002

TCC TELEPLEX.... The Future is now!

We are dedicated to giving back!

TCC TELEPLEX was there as a first responder after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

After the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, we at TCC TELEPLEX provided free phone calls on hundreds of our payphones for Wall Street and Chinatown over a period a 2 years! There were endless queues of New Yorkers who had no access to telephones because the wireless service was simply not reliable.

"When there is a brown out or blackout in the power supply count on TWO things to work, a FLASHLIGHT and TCC TELEPLEX!", Dennis Novick, President of TCC TELEPLEX


"Earthquake aftermath: TCC TELEPLEX offering New Yorkers free phone calls to Haiti"

In 2010, TCC TELEPLEX was the only Public Telecom Company that offered free phone service on 2,000 payphones so that Haitian New Yorkers could call their families after the most devastating earthquake in Haiti.  NYC has the largest Caribbean community in the state and as such TCC TELEPLEX stood by them when they needed it the most!  "At TCC TELEPLEX, we stand by all communities!", Dennis Novick, October 2010.


DO 'NET WORK AT PAY PHONES, by Tatiana Delgiannakis, November 17, 2003
"New Yorkers can now access the internet from select pay phones across Manhattan".

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New York's Premier Public Telecom Provider since 1984, TCC TELEPLEX invented the world's first outdoor multi-media kiosk with Wi-fi in Midtown Manhattan and expanded throughout other high trafficked locations in the tri-state area.  "Our reputation for excellence in providing customer support and service 24/7 has been our successful mission for decades", Francine Darko Director of Sales and Business Development.