We are all proud to be born and raised in New York City, dedicated to improving telecommunications for all New Yorkers.


Dennis Novick

Dennis Novick is the president and founder of TCC Teleplex. He attended Pratt Institute and was recognized as the leading Senior Account Executive with the New York Telephone-AT&T Bell System by his mid-twenties. In 1984, Novick founded TCC Teleplex as the premier provider of New York City public pay telephones. In addition to operating thousands of “smart” payphone terminals on his TCC digital network, he designed and implemented the city’s first multimedia internet kiosk, calling it a “Natural evolution in the history of the phone.” His passions include painting and sculpting, and over the years, he has made donations to museums throughout New York. Novick resides in both New York City and Boca Raton, Florida.

Charles Dertenger

Charles Dertenger has over thirty years of professional construction management in New York City. He has managed and supervised some of the largest construction projects in New York City and is currently engaged with one of the most sophisticated and demanding construction projects in Lower Manhattan.

David Grossman, Esq.

David Grossman shall be serving as general counsel for TCC Teleplex. He has been practicing law for over twenty years in New York and is the owner of Grossman & Associates.

James R. Kelly

James R. Kelly attended West Virginia State University and then served in Vietnam in the U.S. Army Special Forces, where he was highly decorated. Jim went on to an 18-year banking career, rising to the level of Executive Vice President of the nation's 5th largest bank.

In 1985, Mr. Kelly formed Kellee Communications Group Inc., where he is still chairman and CEO. He is also a filmmaker and investor and serves on numerous boards, both corporate and non-profit. Most notably, he served as chairman of the American Public Communications Council (APCC) for 16 years. In the non-profit sector, he has served on the Boards of Directors for: the American Diabetes Association, the National Urban League, the American Cancer Society, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Jim has also served over 20 years on the board of the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program, and served as its Chair for 6 years.

John Banes

John Banes has been intimately involved in many engineering projects. He has been the responsible party to direct the implementation and design of major projects, thereby assuring his clients a “turnkey” installation from start to finish. His attention to detail and exact specifications assures a smooth transition to any projects he’s ever undertaken over the past thirty years. Mr. Banes is a recognized system designer and implementer of major projects and enjoys an excellent reputation in the field. He is also an Airforce veteran, proudly serving with the Strategic Air Command (SAC).

John Kelly

John Kelly started his career in nuclear engineering at SUNY Maritime College. He attended Adelphi University and studied economics at Long Island University (LIU). He was awarded his Masters of Professional Science in interactive telecommunications from New York University (NYU). He served as the Associate Director of Education for the electrical industry in New York City for many years. He was also responsible for thousands of people and millions of dollars in professional construction in New York City.

John is very proud of the many charities and fraternal organizations that he supports, but he takes special pride in being the “Boss Clown” for the Shriners Hospitals for Children in New York.

Martin Segal

Mr. Segal was one of the founders of the public telecommunications marketplace following the divestiture of the AT&T Bell System in 1984.  He was a pioneer in the development of alternate public telecommunication technologies and the delivery of informational services. He worked closely with the manufacturers that came to dominate the independent public payphone market. His own independent public telecom company grew to be the largest in the city of Chicago and throughout Illinois. When the Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) refused to avail independent providers of public payphones access to their Operator Service Provider (OSP) networks, Mr. Segal worked closely with alternative Inter-Exchange Carriers (IXC) who developed a network of multi-lingual operator services for the independent public payphone industry.

Mr. Segal was also a member of the Board of Directors of American Public Communications Council (APCC) based in Washington D.C. He served for many years as the President of the Illinois Payphone Association, involved with both federal, state, and local regulatory issues in Illinois and before Congress.

Martin Segal now resides in Chicago, Illinois and Boca Raton, Florida.

Mike Cutino

Mike Cutino has over forty years in public relations and is an owner of multiple businesses. He installed the New York Nightlife Interactive Kiosks, designed for indoor locations. Mr. Cutino’s company was recognized in KIOSK magazine--the leading trade publication for kiosks--for his innovation, design, and interactive system capability. Mike is most proud of his New York Sports Scene Children’s Foundation.

Vincent Townsend

Building on fifteen years of success with his own marketing and distribution business, Mr. Townsend founded Pay Tel in 1986 following the breakup of AT&T.  He is actively involved in all aspects of the public telecommunications business, leading the company through 30 years of consistent growth and innovation.  Pay Tel provides inmate telephone service and related technology to jails throughout the United States.

Mr. Townsend was a long-time Board member of the American Public Communications Council (APCC) and a member of its legal committee.  In this capacity, he has served as an industry spokesman before State and Federal Regulatory Agencies and members of Congress and has been actively involved in regulatory proceedings impacting the inmate calling service market for over 20 years.  For the current FCC Rulemaking proceeding, Mr. Townsend participated in two public workshops, attended numerous meetings with FCC members and staff, and initiated over 100 regulatory filings focused on preserving competition in the public telecommunications industry, protecting the interests of consumers and advocating for essential cost recovery for the nation’s jails.


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